Ritz Carlton in Bahrain to start offering kosher food

Dubai: Manama’s Ritz Carlton Hotel will start offering kosher food to its guests later this month, becoming the first hotel in the kingdom to accommodate Jewish dietary requirements.

The Ritz Carlton has teamed up with Orthodox Union (OU), the world’s largest kosher certification agency, to ensure that all meals are prepared in accordance with OU Kosher Certification, known to be the most trusted when it comes to serving kosher food and products.

The move follows the signing of the Abraham Accord between Bahrain and Israel, and because there has been a surge in interest from Jewish business and leisure travellers from Israel, North America and Europe in visiting the Kingdom.

OU Kosher is now consulting with the hotel on establishing a new kosher kitchen which will be overseen by OU Kosher certifiers. Additionally, OU Kosher is helping the hotel identify a kosher culinary team member who will serve as a mashgiach, or kosher supervisor, when kosher meals are prepared on the premises.

“The Abraham Accord has opened new destinations for kosher travellers in the Gulf that have never existed before. We are honoured to have been chosen by the Ritz Carlton to assist them in providing kosher cuisine for their guests,” said OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack.

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